Do You Have Thin or Thinning Hair

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Do You Use Hair Fiber for Thinning Hair?

FIBERFIX brush is designed to optimally blend and distribute your preferred brand of hair fiber.

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SALE now on! Applying Hair Fibers the Easy Way

Frustrated with how your hair fibers look?  Do you want to get your style just right?  Using Hair Metrics FBRFX Hair Fiber Styling Applicator Brush makes blending and distributing your hair fibers easy, and finishing your style a breeze. We've just dropped the price...

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The Science of Thinning Hair

Most men and many women start experiencing thinning hair and ultimately lose hair as they age. But, what does thinning hair actually mean and why does it happen? Knowing how your body grows and maintains hair is important to make sure you are engaging in the proper...

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Do You Suffer From Male Pattern Baldness?

The Baldness Epidemic If you’re a man and you’re losing your hair, you likely have the male pattern baldness (MPB) type of androgenetic alopecia. Well over half of men will lose at least some of the hair in their lifetime, which could lead to low self-esteem,...

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Top Questions from FBRFX Users

1. What mirror do you recommend to help me apply fibers to the back of my head? All of the hand mirrors in my house are too small. Thanks for your question!  Goody makes an 11 inch (total length) large hand mirror which you can purchase on HERE on for about...

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Tip #4 – Aim for the bullseye.

If you're managing the appearance of a rather large thinning area, most commonly on the crown of your head, it's tempting to apply fibers in a sweeping or circular motion, trying to get all of the area covered adequately in a single coat. If you're using the FBRFX...

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Tip #2 – Count your shakes . . . or taps.

If you are the proud owner of a FBRFX hairbrush, you know that fibers can be blended evenly over your hair, filling any gaps while grabbing and distributing your thinning hair evenly over desired areas. Prior to using FBRFX, if you were covering up areas in the back...

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Tip #1 – Time to move from shaking, to tapping.

Knock Knock! Who’s there? A full head of hair! Groan and hiss at the joke. We did too, but the advice is solid. For those fiber users who’ve been following instructions carefully, shaking their dispenser an inch or so above your head trying to release enough fibers in...

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