Hair Metrics Analysis: Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

For those with early stage hair loss who want to thicken their actual hair but are wary of medication, surgery or side effects, low dose laser therapy is one option that has claimed success with little to no medical risk. The treatment can be administered at home using one or more of a variety of technological accessories including light up hair brushes, headbands, and helmets that emit red laser beams within specific wavelength ranges and specific power outputs. Alternatively, appointments can also be made at participating salons.

Proponents claim the laser treatment increases blood flow in the scalp and metabolism in follicles.

Our Take…

Sure, it seems safe, but if you’ve ever tried to brush your head with a light for 15 minutes at a time, multiple times per week, for, well, the rest of your life, it seems like a bit of an inconvenience for some additional hair after 6 months. And mind you, we’re not talking about turning a cue ball or stripe into an 8 ball, but maybe adding up to 20 hairs per square centimeter on scalps that would have around 200 in thick areas.

It also doesn’t influence dihydrotestosterone, or DHT (a form of testosterone or androgen), one of the main contributors to hair loss which binds to follicle receptor sites and reduces the size of hair follicles, essentially suffocating hair growth most commonly on the crown of the head. Not to mention the initial outlay will cost you $200 to $900 for the device. Better yet, borrow our’s. We have it lying around here somewhere.

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