Do You Use Hair Fiber for Thinning Hair?

FIBERFIX brush is designed to optimally blend and distribute your preferred brand of hair fiber.

About Hair Metrics FiberFix

Hair building fibers are used by men and women who desire to improve the appearance of their hair by boosting its perceived density and thickness. The FIBERFIX (pronounced Fiber Fix) hair brush is a trademarked patent-pending styling system designed to blend hair fibers into your hair for better coverage, less shedding, and easier styling. Most commonly, hair fiber users are instructed to “pat” their hair with one’s hand after applying hair building fibers in order to distribute them. Unfortunately, fibers often do not “line up” with the strands of natural hair, resulting in a dusted appearance. Additionally, use of traditional hairbrushes often fail to distribute one’s hair and hair fibers properly due to the imprecision of the wide distance and relative high stiffness of commonly used brushes. Moreover, if hairspray is applied, it is difficult to impossible to successfully style hair and fibers due to these same qualities of traditional hairbrushes.

Once fibers are applied and FIBERFIX is guided over the surface of a thinning hair area, specially designed bristles grab and position each hair to blend and distribute hair fibers evenly, thereby better concealing thinning areas, shortening fiber application time, reducing fiber clumping, and presenting a more natural, less “dusted” appearance. These benefits reduce fiber shedding by efficiently filling gaps between hairs with hair fibers and correct over-applications in specific areas due to an uneven distribution after initial application. The brush can be later used to remove misplaced fibers from your face, ears and neck and to style hair after a holding mist has been applied.

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