Frustrated with how your hair fibers look?  Do you want to get your style just right?  Using Hair Metrics FBRFX Hair Fiber Styling Applicator Brush makes blending and distributing your hair fibers easy, and finishing your style a breeze.

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Using hair building fibers is a very affordable and effective way to camouflage hair loss.  The most popular are made from keratin (real hair) or cotton.  They are designed to cling to your hair giving it a fuller look and conceal the bald spots.  They can also be called hair concealer or hair camouflage.  They are available in many different colors so you’d be sure to find one to suit your hair color.

Styling with hair fibers can be a challenge and it can take some practice.  FBRFX is designed to be used to blend and distribute your fibers into your hair giving it a more natural look.  Then after you apply your holding spray, your FBRFX brush can then be used again to finish off your style.

Do you want 5 tips to make applying hair fibers easier?

  1. Make sure your hair is dry before application.  The fibers become lumpy when they get wet, so be sure your hair is completely dry.  This also assists with the static electricity needed for the fibers to adhere to your existing hair.  Using a holding spray will also help the fibers stay where you want them to!
  2. Get the amount right.  If you want your fibers to look natural you won’t want to apply too many hair fibers.  Practice makes perfect here, as you do want good cover, but generally you don’t want it to look unnatural.holding spray for hair fibers
  3. Get the right tools. Applying with a shake or a spray applicator can be effecting, but the real science comes in when you use your FBRFX applicator brush, as it will give your fibers a more natural looking finish as it optimally blends the fibers into your hair.
  4. Get the color right.  There are some great options of colors on the market and getting the right color for your hair goes a long way to making sure you get a natural looking finish.
  5. Using a holding spray after application is a must!  Our favorite is this one.  Check out our products page to see our other favorite products to make this an easier task.

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