Tip #1 – Time to move from shaking, to tapping.

Knock Knock!
Who’s there?
A full head of hair!

Groan and hiss at the joke. We did too, but the advice is solid. For those fiber users who’ve been following instructions carefully, shaking their dispenser an inch or so above your head trying to release enough fibers in the right spot while at the same time trying not to make too much of a mess, we feel your pain. And, for those of you doing this while trying to cover a larger thinning area on the top of your head, we want you to stop.  

Ok, let’s back up a little first. Instructions advising you to shake fibers above your head without touching or tapping your scalp seem to make sense. If you tap your head with the dispenser, it mats the fibers down, along with your hair, and looks unnatural. Because you cannot style your hair after fibers are applied, your only option now is to keep applying heaps of fiber until your scalp and hair are covered.

We never liked that styling limitation, which is one of the reasons we invented the FBRFX system for applying and styling hair fibers, but an added bonus is this: You no longer need to be concerned about tapping the dispenser against your scalp. In fact, fibers may be dispersed more consistently and directly where you need them by tapping instead. Your hair may be matted or appear flat at first, but once your scalp is adequately covered with fibers, guide FBRFX over your top layer of hair (avoiding the scalp) and those mats will start to release. We find tapping works especially well when the dispenser is less than half full.

You’re not done yet! Remember to dust off stray fibers with FBRFX on your neck, ears, and face and then follow up with our recommended hairspray and sealant. Remember to dust off stray fibers with FBRFX on your neck, ears, and face and then apply a strong holding mist (we recommend THIS HAIRSPRAY which can be purchased on Amazon.com for less than $10 for 10oz). Brushing your hair with FBRFX after spraying with a holding mist can make the fibers appear less matted as well, and don’t forget to use our recommended sealant. In addition to reducing fiber shedding, this spray makes the fibers appear less matted and your hair will look more natural. Don’t use too much, and remember to hold it 4 to 8 inches away from the application area.

Do You Use Hair Fiber for Thinning Hair?

FIBERFIX brush is designed to optimally blend and distribute your preferred brand of hair fiber.