Tip #4 - Aim for the bullseye.

If you’re managing the appearance of a rather large thinning area, most commonly on the crown of your head, it’s tempting to apply fibers in a sweeping or circular motion, trying to get all of the area covered adequately in a single coat. If you’re using the FBRFX brush, we recommend trying something different. Instead of your usual routine, apply fiber liberally to only the center of the thinning area. When you feel you’ve applied a lot (could be 20 to 30 shakes), take out your FBRFX brush and guide FBRFX over the thinning area. Take out your mirror and see how you did. If you’re fully covered, congrats, you’re ready to go and you can now follow up with our recommended hairspray and sealant. If you’re still not covered in the center, repeat as described above. But, if you’re left with a thinning ring around the center, you can try one of two things. One, go back to your usual sweeping and circular shakes OR (remember our tapping suggestion?), tap the dispenser (this works optimally if the dispenser is half or less than half full) around that circular area which should both dispense and distribute the fibers directly to the area.

You’re not done yet! Remember to dust off stray fibers with FBRFX on your neck, ears, and face and then follow up with our recommended hairspray and sealant.

Let us know how this works for you at info@hairmetricsproducts.com.

Do You Use Hair Fiber for Thinning Hair?

FIBERFIX brush is designed to optimally blend and distribute your preferred brand of hair fiber.