Top Questions from FBRFX Users

1. What mirror do you recommend to help me apply fibers to the back of my head? All of the hand mirrors in my house are too small.

Thanks for your question!  Goody makes an 11 inch (total length) large hand mirror which you can purchase on HERE on for about $7. The measurement of the mirror glass is slightly over 7 inches diagonally. Other brands are available, but you probably do not want to go with a mirror smaller than this.

2.  Applying hair fibers is very messy and they get all over the sink. What can I do to keep the bathroom clean?

If you apply a lot of fibers and want to clean up your act, we have a few tips for you. One, if our tapping method works for you, do it. The higher above your head you hold the dispenser, the more mess it will make. Apart from that, try applying your fibers while standing in the shower or bathtub, and you may need to hang up a wall mirror. But, if you’re skilled enough, you may not need a mirror at all during application. Finally, make sure you place a towel around your shoulders (or wear a robe) while applying fibers to minimize shedding onto your clothes. Remember, any fibers that fall on your face, ears, or neck can be removed easily by brushing them off with FBRFX. Just make sure you dust them off BEFORE applying hairspray or sealant!

3.  What is the most common mistake people make when applying fibers? 

When you’re rushing in the morning, it’s easy to skip a few steps in haste, but one step you don’t want to forget is face and neck cleanup. Unfortunately, a lot of users apply hairspray before they’ve brushed away the fibers from their face or neck. Once the fibers are on your skin with hairspray, you need a wet cloth to remove them. That’s assuming you don’t forget completely. If you do, your co-workers may ask whether you were cleaning your fireplace that morning.

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