Hair Metrics Analysis: Topical Ketocanazole

Brand Names: Nizoral ®, Kuric ®, Extina ®, Xolegel ®

Ketocanazole is a synthetic antifungal medication that can be applied topically as a cream or shampoo to treat a variety of infections on the skin as well as seborrheic dermatitis or dandruff on the scalp. Shampoos designed for scalp conditions like dandruff include brands such as Nizoral®, which is comprised of ketocanzole in both non-prescription strength (1% ketocanazole) and prescription (if in the U.S.) strength (2%) versions.

Although, the American Hair Loss Association reports that the 2% strength is more effective. Proponents have claimed that these shampoos work on men and women by controlling microflora in the area, reducing sebum and inflammation, and preventing testosterone and DHT from binding to receptors in hair follicle cells. Hair loss will then slow or stop, and new hair can now grow. Recommendations for use vary, but many suggest using the shampoo approximately 2 to 3 times per week and leaving it on your hair a few minutes before rinsing. .

Our Take…

Ketocanazole shampoo is a bit of a hail Mary given the limited number of studies and samples in those studies, but as far as long shots go, it may be worth the effort if you can manage to get a prescription for the 2% strength.

You have to shampoo your hair anyway, the side effects are minimal (although be very wary of any skin irritation and avoid getting it in your eyes), the cost is reasonable (at least for a 6 month experiment), and both men and women can use it safely. Interested in giving it a try? Take some before and after pictures with 6 months in between them, and discuss the results with your doctor.

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