Hair Metrics Analysis: Hair Building Fibers

Brand Names: Caboki, TOPPIK, X-Fusion, Viviscal and others

Hair building fibers are a nonsurgical, cosmetic product for concealing hair loss in men and women. Comprised of either cotton, keratin, or actual human hair, these fine hair-like particles are dispensed from a container topped with a sifter to control the amount of product applied to the hair.

Hair building fibers are offered by a variety of brands and colors differing in their composition, size, and color options. Some manufacturers claim that the fibers are electrostatically charged and cling to your hair. In general, hair fibers are designed to boost the perceived density and thickness of your hair and can be used in combination with other hair loss remedies. A $40 purchase will typically buy you 1 to 3 months of product depending on your degree of hair loss and frequency of use. Hair fibers can be washed out when desired.

Our Take…

Sure, they’re not a permanent solution, but we haven’t found any other products that can match the flexibility, low price, and variety of hair loss concealment that hair building fibers can do successfully. The application routine is quick, does not require professional assistance, and can be done anywhere with no special skills necessary.

Although, we must say there are a few negatives. For one, they’re a bit messy and your sink, shower, bathtub, or whatever location you plan to apply them in may receive a slight dusting. Second, you may experience shedding of the fibers if you’re not careful.

Running your fingers through your hair, lying your head on a pillow, and any water activities or rain heavier than a slight drizzle may require a reapplication. To reduce shedding and improve coverage, we use the FBRFX Hair Fiber Applicator along with THIS HAIRSPRAY after applications.

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Do You Use Hair Fiber for Thinning Hair?

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